Time to ditch the backpack and explore on-bike storage options! Small to big and big to small no matter the size we’ve got it all. There are bags that will hold an extra pair of cloths, one that will carry your phone, others that carry your tools and accessories, and don’t forget nutrition!

If you are biking across the country look at a saddle pack. These are very light, waterproof, and provide a spacious compartment that straps underneath the bike seat.

Going on a picnic in the park or commuting to work on your bike? You could us a pannier. The bike pannier comes with a metal stand which is then attached on the rack on the back of the bike. Have no fear for this will not be touching the wheal nor will it be in the way of your pedaling. Some paniers also have waterproof roll closure which ensures safe storage of food and equipment.

Are you sick of reaching around to find your phone in one of your pockets? Get the bike phone holder so you can always have your phone at the ready. This device is placed on the middle of the handle bar or top tube so you can look at all of your notifications and directions without having to lift a finger.