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Bike Fit Offerings



Comfort first is our motto with this fit. We blend our comfort-oriented bike position with peddling efficiency. What that means is one of our bike fitters will address your entire position on the bike to adjust touch points; specifically handle bar height and reach, along with saddle placement and seat height. There is no single bike position that suits everyone. Every rider is different based on physical dimensions, flexibility, objectives, strengths and weaknesses. You will tell us what comfort means to you, and we will suggest the best ways to set up your bike. (please note any additional parts or labor are not included) 

Please allow approximately 30 Minutes ($50)




Complete Fit is exactly what it sounds like. Performance. Perfect for any rider who wants to maximize their output, find a more aero position on the bike, or is just looking to help take their riding to the next level should consider this fit. One of our bike fitters will help you achieve the most power, at the greatest efficiency, with comfort, so you can better perform for the duration of your next ride or race. Starting with a cleat and shoe alignment, we continue to saddle positioning, and handlebar/cockpit adjustments to dial in an ideal fit. Don’t worry, we will balance a performance fit position with your body flexibility to achieve a fit that works for you specifically. Changing bike components may be part of this process as we may want to swap parts during this fit; handle bars, cranks, saddles and seat post comin different sizes and shapes - we want to take the time to make sure your bike is ready for you when you leave. (please note any additional parts or labor are not included) 

Please allow approximately 60 Minutes ($175) 






Saddle Fit is arguably the most important fit on any bike. The more comfortable you are the more you will ride and the further you can ride. Experiencing numbness in soft tissue areas can cause serious injury down the road, so we take the time to make recommendations, exchange and adjust saddles so that you can try them out in real time. Saddle pain is not something to just deal with when it comes to cycling that’s why we offer returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase on all saddles. (please note any additional parts or labor are not included) 

Please allow approximately 30 Minutes ($50)





Schedule a Bike Fit or call Gear West 952-473-0093 to set up a bike fitting appointment. Show up to your appointment ready to ride your bike like you always do.  Please take advantage of our changing rooms ahead of your appointment to change into your favorite bike gear. Bring cycling shoes, socks, bikes shorts.... whatever you normally wear.