Trying to fit your bike into the back of your car can be quite a challenge. Even if you do manage to get your bike in the car there is then no room for all of the luggage and kids! Not to mention, who wants that dirty bike dropping mud all over your nice interior. Sounds like someone needs a car bike rack.

The car or truck bike rack is designed to allow you to mount a bike, or several bikes, outside of your vehicle. Trunk racks use straps and pads to hold bikes and are a simple option, especially if you don't’ have a hitch. They are limited to the amount they can carry (no e-bikes) and don’t work with all vehicles.

Hitch racks are a superior way of carrying one to four bikes, including heavier e-bikes. Loading bikes on a hitch rack is also easier thanks to the lower ground clearance. Hitch racks typically have a more secure restraint system and some brands include integrated locks to keep your bike safe while you run into the gas station.

When choosing the perfect auto bike rack for you be sure to consider what type of rack works with your car, how many bikes you need to carry, and what’s the safest way for you and your bikes to reach your final destination.