We all remember our first bicycle, the feeling of freedom as you rode away for the first time. It was like the world was yours to explore, you could go anywhere with your wheels. At Gear West we want everyone to have that same sense of freedom to explore the unknown, even if it is a block away, a ride through the mountains, racing in the Tour de France, or riding to a friend’s house down the street. Cycling is for everyone, young or old.

Here at Gear West we love bikes, all bikes. That is why we carry such a wide selection of bikes offerings; from tri, road, gravel, mountain, recreational, e-bikes and something for kids of all sizes, ages, and skill level. With brand names you can trust, Trek, Felt and Norco bikes we are sure to have what you are looking for

Here at Gear West not only do we sell bikes and bike parts we also sell apparel. We understand that cycling gear is essential for comfort, the longer you feel comfortable the longer your ride tends to be. Depending on the type of ride you will be doing it is important to know why type of apparel will suit your needs. Will you be mountain biking, road biking, or simply recreational biking?