Bike electronics like computers, watt meters, smart watches, can provide you additional cycling and fitness information.  See how many watts you are producing, plan your next bike route and see how your fitness is improving over your favorite biking routes.

Are you interested in learning how your energy is being transferred when cycling?  A watt meter is used to help you have a better understanding of how your energy is transferred.  Track your performance every day and set goals for yourself to bike more consistently during your next ride.  As you learn your power output you'll be better able to use watts as a tool to judge your output over distances to get the best result and avoid fatigue. Avoiding fatigue while putting out the highest average watts is crucial for racers.  The watt meter is a source of information what will lead to endurance and speed.

Smart watches are an incredible invention, and people who are into cycling, running, and triathlon love them.  Gear west carries a verity of cycling smart watches.  These devices come with tracking features including incident detection which sends real-time location to emergency contacts.  Additionally, the smart watch has a built in GPS, maps guide, can be paired/synced with your smartphone, and you can make payments from the watch.  Come check out our collection of smart watches here at Gear West today.