Who didn’t love getting dirty as a kid? Playing and splashing in puddles was such a blast. It's still possible to play in those puddles but with the addition of a nice set of fenders you can avoid the whole 'getting dirty' thing. There are a variety of fenders that fit a variety of bikes and purposes. Wide fenders for fat tire bikes, full fenders for commuter bikes, and very thin packable fenders that you can store in your backpack.

Fenders can be mounted almost anywhere on a bike either by using existing mounting points built into your frame or by using clamps and straps that are part of the fender itself. Over the front wheel, over the rear wheel, or on your down tube, wherever you need to block the spray you can put a fender.

Racks that fit on your bike are the ultimate solution to carrying more stuff. And if you hate wearing a backpack, a rack is your next stop. Racks can be mounted over the front or rear wheel and will typically bolt to existing mounts on your bike. Storage is also an option with handlebar packs and seat rolls. Racks give you the option to mount panniers, trunk bags, tents, bags of groceries, a sweet looking basket, your dog, you name it! If you’re confused about which rack will best fit your goals, or aren’t sure which rack works with your bike, talk to us here at Gear West.