Here at Gear West we offer a variety of discounted footwear in many different brands and styles. It is vitally important that one wears the proper footwear to protect your feet from injuries.

Neutral and stability are two of our bestselling styles of footwear. Neutral footwear is built for people who have a natural running pattern. What this means is that when walking/running the foot rolls from inward from lading on the outer edge. This movement is known as pronate. Pronating begins to happen when your heel makes contact with ground, the moment from contact to lift off; for it to be a neutral pronate the angle at which pronating happens should remain around 15 degrees.

Stability footwear on the other hand are designed for people who overpronate. The structure of a stability shoe is to counter pronating and provide extra support around the medial side of your foot while still providing cushion. Those who have low to flat arches and walk on the inside of feet will need a stability shoe.

Finding the right footwear for yourself can be a daunting task. Stop by Gear West and talk to one of our footwear experts, to help find you the best and most affordable option for you needs.