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Are you a parent care giver who is sick of leaving the kids at home with a nanny or even worse, alone, when skiing? Well now you can bring the kiddos along with! Gear West offers junior skis so that you can start them off young.

Choosing a junior ski is just as difficult as choosing an adult ski. When considering a pair of skis for a child or tween keep in mind that they are not done growing. So be sure to find a ski with a flexible range in weight so it will last the person several years not just one season. Make sure to talk to the junior and ask them if they could see themselves.

Skis that are too long can cause the kids to have a miserable time because they are harder to control and steer. It is easier to start kids off on classic skis because it is easier to learn. The key to learning cross country skiing at a young age, or any age if you are brand new to the sport, is finding your balance points on the skis. Finding a shorter and wider ski will help with balancing, and as they child grows start finding skis that are longer and skinner so they can grow their technique.