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Men's Baselayers

Did you know base layers are not only used when it is cold?  The importance of a base layer is to absorb and evaporate ones sweat to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.  A base layer is usually a tight piece of clothing such as leggings or tight-fitting tops.  For the best performance the artifact should be around 100% polyester, due to its ability to wick away moisture and not shrink when washed.

When skiing in winter don’t you just hate it when you work so hard that you start sweating and then a little bit later you get a chill because your sweat is now cooling down?  Well, it is time to change that.  Time to find yourself a base layer that will keep you dry from sweat.

During the summer it is important that you do not overheat when working out.  Keeping your body temperature down and reduces the sweating or even just absorbing the sweat is important.  Summer base layers come in both long sleeve and short sleeve options.

Find a base layer that will fit your styles and needs here at Gear West.  It is time to enjoy the outdoors without overheating and sweating.