To ensure maximum safety when biking it is never a bad idea to put a rear view mirror on. It's important to know what and who is around you while riding. Everyone always swerves a little bit when turning to look behind their shoulder, and swerving is extremely dangerous. Thus, to avoid looking back and swerving there is an easy solution, bike mirror.

There are several types of bike mirrors, handlebar mirror, helmet mirrors, and eyewear mirrors. Each person prefers a different place to mount their mirror.

Handlebar mirrors tend to be bigger than other mirrors which allows for easier viewing and simple mounting. Some do reach outside of your typical arm width so be mindful of tight spaces.

The helmet mirror gives you the ability to see more than the handlebar mirror because you can move you head to see behind you. A helmet mounted mirror typically attaches with adhesive.

Finally, the eyewear mirrors. The best part about this product is that it can be easily attached and detached at any point as it simply attaches to the arm of your glasses or sunglasses.

Mirrors add a great deal of safety and are prefect for busy trails and city streets.