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You can think of Nordic training pants as a base layer or outer layer, or just both combined.  They are some that are used under your snow pants, spandex, sweat pants and other you can wear over leggings, long underwear, or alone.  Women’s training pants are meant to be quick drying, to keep you sweat free.

Layers, layers, layers.  No matter what you are doing outside on a chilly day it is important to wear layers.  Not only is it important to stay warm and dry while skiing with ventilating clothing so you do not sweat or over heat, it is also just as important to dress comfortably.  When looking for a pair of women’s Nordic training pants I would suggest keeping in mind is the breathability, insulation, wind resistance, and water repellant abilities.

Gear West offers men’s training pants from Bjorn Daehlie, Gore, and Swix.  We carry women’s training pants for both Nordic skiing and roller skiing.  If you are searching for a sleek design to reduce resistance going down hills we have got a pair for you, if you would prefer a different cut or something with a bit of poof to it Gear West has all of the women’s training pants you could need.  Check out our collection today.