Make sure to double check your tire pressure before you hit the trails.  It is a good idea to top off your bike tires every month to maintain maximum durability.  Keep a tire pump wherever you store your bike so you can remind yourself daily to top the tires off when needed.

When cycling not only is it a wonderful idea to carry a small tire repair kit, one should also carry a tire pump.  As important as it is to patch up a leak in the tire or tube of you bike it is also just as important to top off your tire with air as well so you are not biking on a flat tire.  If you ignore that leak and ride to the closest place to fix your tire one could actually damage the rim or metal part of the tire.  That is something that should be avoid at all costs.  Make sure to add to your shopping list a mini tire pump that can be carried whenever the bike is taking on a ride.  It is always best to prepare for the worst case scenario (such as getting a flat tire on you ride).