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Wax & Base Prep

 Ready To Ski (RTS)

Gear West Basic Hot Box (Partial)

Our Ready to Ski treatment involves complete saturation of the ski in the hotbox with a yellow layer of wax. After the hotbox treatment, the ski is scraped and brushed and the 'wax of the day' is applied and scraped and brushed. This is the best way to have skis ready to ski when you walk out of our door. 

The standard four-hour hot box treatment saturates the base with soft hotbox specific wax. This process replaces the old base prepping with ten plus layers of yellow and read waxes. A standard hot box is a good basic first step, however additional service is recommended before use. New skis and fresh stone ground skis that receive a basic hotbox will still need to be hardened with a colder wax to achieve maximum glide and durability. 


Race Ready Hotbox

 Glide wax - basic single layer


The Gear West Race Ready Hotbox starts off with the standard four-hour saturation with soft hot box specific wax. The skis are then scraped and brushed before being put back into the hot box for two hours with a racing blue to harden the bases using slow hear base saturation. This process is the best way to have fresh stone grounds skis and new race skies prepped for skiing without having to use a hot iron on the skis.

Since the base is pre hardened after a Race Ready Hot Box, the only service that is required after completion is the application of one or more layers of the "wax of the day".

Basic glide hot-wax service to get you out onto the trails. A single layer of glide wax specified for the snow temperature will improve glide. This is a great service koption for entry level to intermediate level classic and skate skis.


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