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Skate Rollerskis

Skate roller skis are identified by having shorter shafts and narrower wheels with larger diameters than classic roller skis. The skate roller ski boot has more ankle support than a classic boot.  When using skate roller skis the motion is pushing the skis out from side to side.  Most skiers tend to skate skis for the sole reason that it is typically faster than classic roller skiing.

Simply select the technique you would like to improve in. Skate if you want to improve your strength and technique for skate or classic if that is where you want to improve.  If you are unsure, the rule of thumb is – practice good skate technique on roller skis before classic.  Skate skiing on good roller skis, whether it is V1 or V2 or even open field. Imitates all aspects of on snow skate skiing.

Elite skiers almost always select lightweight roller skis with hard rubber wheels designed for smooth surfaces, with either an aluminum or composite shaft depending on the intensity and length of workout.  In general, aluminum roller skis are more durable but are less effective at absorbing road vibrations, while composite roller skis provide the most realistic “snow feel,” but can break if repeatedly bottomed out.