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Skate Skis

If you know how to ice skate you will be able to pick up how to skate ski in no time. Step, push, glide and repeat. It is as simple as that.

When choosing which ski to use, one must consider their height, weight, and skill set. There are skis that are built for speed and others that are built to just take a stroll thru the woods with their dog. The narrower the ski the faster it will go.

In order to make sure that your skate ski will continue to glide well, you have to wax it on a daily basis. There are waxes that are suited toward specific  snow conditions and temperature outside, so always keep this in mind before you wax.

Learning to ski is trial by error. It is not something that you master in a day. It takes time and a lot of patients. When skate skiing you should never have your feet pointing straight forward. They should always be pointed out a little bit so the space between your skis makes a pizza slice. Once you have your footing the next step is to take strides while still keeping your feet in a pizza or V shape. Just keep taking step after step until you get the feel for gliding. Soon you will be skiing like a pro.