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Stone Grinds

Classic Stone Grinds

Unique to the classic LC grinds is our ability to make linear 'centered' grinds. In traditional linear grinds the structure pattern trends off the ski to one side, from left to right. In 'centered' grinds the pattern begins at the center and trends off the ski both to the left and right, allowing for better moisture management and tracking. Our classics grinds also take advantage of the VarioTech Technology on our machine. Variotech allows us to cut grinds that get deeper and wider down the ski from tip to tail. 


Wet and transformed snow - range +25F and up The LC4 is an aggressive, wet snow grind and is a good choice for 'klister' and 'klister-covered' conditions. 


Universal grind for all types of snow - range +10F / +30F. The LC2 has a large temperature range and is a good choice for classic skiers looking for one grind suitable for all conditions. 


Fine grind for all types of snow _ rang -5F / +15F. The LCO is a classic stone grind suited for cold temperature snow, new and transformed. 


Skate Stone Grinds

All of our core skate grinds are compound grinds made as two grinds cut onto the ski one on top of the other or two grinds cut into the stone. The LZ0 and the LZ2 run well in both new and transformed snow and both can perform  outside of the printed range. The PL3 and PL4 are best suited for transformed snow, but the PL3 will often perform well in new snow if the humidity is high enough. The PL3 and PL4 are cut using our new VarioTech technology recently installed on our Tazzarri grinder. The VarioTech allows us to cut grnds that get wider and deeper down the ski from tip to tail. This helps to better manage moisture and friction on the parts of the ski that need it most. 

For skiers looking for one grind to perform in all conditions in the Midwest - the LZ2 would be the choice. In other parts of the country with warmer and more humid snow, the PL3 would be a good choice. At Gear West we are always happy to discuss appropriate grind choice for skis!


Aggressive skate grind for wet snow conditions - range +32F and up. The PL4 is for wet, transformed snow and is a good choice for those with a dedicated we snow ski.


Universal frind - range +20F / +40F. The PL3 is a broad range grind and runs well in many different snow types. It is a more aggressive than our LZ2 making it better option as universal grind for areas of the country that have warmer and more humid snow. It is also a good option as a base grind for warmer profile skate skis and clear base skis.


Universal/Cold grind - range +10F / +35F. The LZ2 is a universal grind that runs well in all snow types and has a broad temperature range. This grind is our go to grind for customers looking for one grind that performs in all conditions. It accepts hand structure very well, and can be made more aggressive this way for warm and wet conditions. 


Fine, cold grind - range -10F / +15F. The LZ0 is a fine , cold snow grind that is suitable for all sold snow types. It has an ideal range of -10F to 15F but can often perform outside of the range. The LZ0 is a good option for those skiers looking for a grind for dedicated pari of cold skis, and can also be suitable option as a base grind for those experience with hand structure. 


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