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Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes are built with speed in mind with specific geometry putting you in a more aggressive posture allowing for less drag and more power to be transferred to the cranks. This more aggressive position will allow for you to maintain a greater speed with less effort in comparison to other bikes, leaving you more gas for the run.

Triathlon bike are intended to be fast and ridden in a straight line. With a more aggressive geometry a Triathlon bike will have you slightly more over top of the handle bars and over top of the peddles. This creates a more aerodynamic position and more power transferred to the bike making for a fast and efficient set up.

A Triathlon bike is a great way to shave time off any triathlon time. With the aero properties and efficiency, a triathlon bike is intended to get you to the run with as little effort as possible. Whether you're competing at a top level or just in a local race, a triathlon bike is your best team mate to save you time and energy.

In addition to speed, a Triathlon bike can put you into a more comfortable position for long ride endurance as well as hold all the snacks you may need over the long course.

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