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Nordic jackets are designed to keep you warm, dry, and protected from wind all winter long.  Nordic jackets are a necisity for anyone who seeks speed.  If you are looking to increase your performance that be sure to dress for going downhill instead of going up.  Just like when swimming you want to eliminate as much drag as possible.  You want to dress in slim, simply, and sleek.  No more bulky snow pants and puffy coats.  Dressing in less puffy layers does not mean that you will not be as warm.  Nordic jackets are built very slim without losing any warmth of a coat that is three times its size with a pound of feathers in it.

Real skiers ski uphill.  When Nordic skiing you do not have to stop every five minutes to hop on a ski lift to ride up the hill.  Nordic skiers ski not only downhill but also uphill.  When skiing uphill you work much harder than going downhill, thus you do not necessarily want a jacket that it super warm.  A base layer and Nordic jacket is sure to keep you comfortable skiing without overheating.  Come on over to Gear West and get your Nordic ski jacket today.