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Nordic Women's Midlayers

If you come from a frozen tundra such as Minnesota it is important to layer up before leaving for your daily ski otherwise you could become a meetsicle. To prevent from freezing it is important to not only wear a base layer but women need to wear mid layers as well.

The primary purpose of women’s base layers is to insulate. This garment is usually supposed to worn over top of the base layer. Women’s mid layers are meant to trap one’s body head. The base layer is meant to get rid of your sweat so you don’t drench your cloths in sweat, while the women’s mid layer is to trap your body heat in the second layer without making yourself sweat. The amazing thing about dressing in layers is that if you do start to get warm you can easily shed a layer.

Women’s mid layers will typically be made out of polyester fleece. The reasons for this is because even if fleece gets damp it will still stay warm and it dries fast.

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